Turning smartwatches into personal safety systems.

Aging population, Elderly care, Workforce Security, Rehabilitation, Insurance services, Personal Security. Works with all major smartphones.

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Use cases

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Aging population

Bryom offers mobility and security to an ageing population. With Bryom solution and pro-active intervention programs people can continue to have a lifestyle to keep them healthy, active and independent safely. User activity can be stored in a personal data box and shared if needed.

Watch aging automatic alarm

Elderly care

Bryom provides its users with freedom of movement. Our solution can replace many different sensors used in elderly care and it allows ageing persons to live longer in their home environment. The Bryom administration tool makes it easy to manage the system with any computer and user activity can be monitored.

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Bryom solution enables earlier release from hospital. Rehabilitation can be monitored through Bryom administration tool and individual specific programs can be developed.

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Workforce Security

People working alone, like in remote or unstable locations such as lumberjacks, miners, cleaning staff, electricians, plumbers, home caregivers, security guards and so on have a real need for a system that will not only allow them easily call when in distress but also a system that recognizes an emergency even if the worker is rendered unconscious or injured.

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Insurance services

Monitoring service for wellness programs to manage chronic conditions, as well as reduces premium on active management. It enables also to keep new risk insurable.

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Personal Security

Bryom Solution provides a solution for Security services to provide customers access to personal security in a case of emergency.


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Intelligent Emergency System (IES)

If you have an emergency the IES activates an emergency call and sends your location and other relevant information to deploy emergency services. You can always manually activate the emergency system by tapping the smartwatch glass.

Position tracking / GeoFencing

In cases of distress Bryom sends an SMS with GPS map link to any given number. Geofencing areas with automatic alarm may also be determined for users.

LIVE data

Bryom is the only emergency system that provides live streaming of the heart-rate and motion of a person in distress.


Bryom enables remotely managed automated and timed push reminders for medicine, insulin, rehabilitation meetings or any other event. Bryom can also easily be integrated with any common calendar system for easy management.

Data tracking, gathering and storing

Bryom can collect a number of data sets regarding its user such as heart-rate, steps, calorie usage, sleep patterns etc. Bryom can store the data in personal data boxes for later review. The data may be used to predict when older person falls into a risk category of bone breakage, other age related issues or to follow the well being of your workforce and so on.


Watch aging automatic alarm

Server features

Bryom uses the Microsft Azure App service with SLA uptime of 99.95%. All data is backed-up in 6 different servers and the location of the server can be quarantied (for instance always in EU)


All data transactions are encrypted with TLS 1.2 using https protocoll. All data in our SQL data bases are incrypted with Transparent Data Encryption by Azure.


No matter what your need is we can create a solution that fits your specific service concept.

Referances and achievements

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